Grow Your Local Business with Budget-friendly Marketing Tactics – Free Webinar

Small businesses often struggle with limited marketing budgets, but that shouldn’t hinder their marketing efforts. In an exclusive webinar hosted by Yelp’s small business expert, Emily Washcovick, participants will learn how to connect with their community, boost engagement, and drive revenue using cost-effective marketing tricks.

The webinar will focus on the art of localized marketing by tapping into the local culture, trends, and events. Participants will discover strategies to leverage even the smallest local events to connect with their audience and enhance their business. Emily will also discuss how to capitalize on nationwide events with a local component to crowd-source customers for business growth.

This webinar aims to equip small business owners, marketers, and entrepreneurs with practical tools and insights to master localized marketing. Participants will gain valuable knowledge from real-world examples of successful localized marketing campaigns and how local businesses can thrive off large events, such as the impact of the “Beyonce bump.”

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from Yelp and elevate your business’s local marketing game. Join the webinar on October 24th at 3:00 PM ET to gain valuable strategies for connecting with your community, boosting engagement, and driving revenue. Register now to secure your spot!

About the Speaker:

Emily Washcovick, Yelp’s Small Business Expert, is dedicated to helping local business owners achieve success and growth. With an in-depth understanding of customer engagement, reputation management, and digital marketing, Emily shares her industry insights through speaking engagements and thought leadership. She also hosts “Behind the Review,” a podcast that explores the stories and lessons behind interactions between business owners and reviewers, in collaboration with Yelp and Entrepreneur Media.


Source: Free Webinar | October 24: Grow Your Local Business With These Low-Cost Marketing Tricks

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