OpenAI's Changing Core Values and Focus on AGI

OpenAI’s Changing Core Values and Focus on AGI

OpenAI recently updated its core values to include a focus on artificial general intelligence (AGI), a shift that wasn’t explicitly mentioned before. Previously, the company’s core values were listed as ‘Audacious,’ ‘Thoughtful,’ ‘Unpretentious,’ ‘Impact-driven,’ ‘Collaborative,’ and ‘Growth-oriented.’ However, its new list now starts with ‘AGI focus’ as the first value, along with ‘Intense and scrappy,’ ‘Scale,’ ‘Make something people love,’ and ‘Team spirit.’ This change raises questions about the true nature of these core values and their significance.

Regarding the ‘AGI focus’ core value, there seems to be inconsistency in OpenAI’s definition. CEO Sam Altman previously defined AGI as ‘systems that are generally smarter than humans.’ However, in a recent interview, Altman revised the definition to an AI that is as smart as a ‘median human’ co-worker. This discrepancy leaves uncertainty about the company’s vision of AGI and its capabilities.

OpenAI’s goals and purpose have evolved over time, further adding to the confusion. Originally founded as a nonprofit research lab in 2015 to develop good AI as a response to potential dangers, OpenAI shifted towards a for-profit direction, leading to Elon Musk’s departure in 2019. These shifts in focus might explain the changes in core values and the company’s self-descriptions.

The updated core values list may appear superficial, but it sheds light on OpenAI’s commitment to AGI and its forward-thinking approach. The company now emphasizes the building of safe and beneficial AGI that will have a positive impact on humanity’s future. Anything that doesn’t align with this mission is considered out of scope.


Source: The Ever-So-Ethical OpenAI Just Replaced Its “Core Values” With Completely Different Ones

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