Dr. Betsy Grunch's Journey: Sustainable Weight Loss and Finding Mindset

Dr. Betsy Grunch’s Journey: Sustainable Weight Loss and Finding Mindset

About Dr. Betsy Grunch

Dr. Betsy Grunch, a neurosurgeon specializing in spine surgery from the outskirts of Atlanta, struggled with weight loss for years. Despite trying numerous diets and weight-loss plans, she couldn’t achieve sustainable results. As a doctor, Grunch was advising her patients to lose weight for their back pain, yet she lacked proper nutrition education in her medical training. Encountering a turning point after injuring her back in 2018, she decided to transform her lifestyle and educate herself on nutrition.


The Journey to Sustainable Weight Loss

Starting at 230 pounds, Grunch lost 50 pounds over a year and a half by adopting a holistic approach to weight loss. She implemented intermittent fasting, restricted her eating window to six hours a day, and shifted to a diet high in protein and whole foods while reducing carb intake. Although intermittent fasting may not work for everyone, it helped Grunch maintain a calorie deficit and achieve success. While initially challenging, her new lifestyle became more manageable after a few months.


The Importance of Mindset

Throughout her weight-loss journey, Grunch recognized that mindset plays a pivotal role. She underwent surgery to remove excess stomach tissue, boosting her confidence and motivating her to sustain her weight loss. Grunch highlights the importance of accepting oneself at any weight and being happy with one’s body.


Loss of the Final 30 Pounds with Mounjaro

To achieve her desired weight loss and prepared for an upcoming dance performance, Grunch pursued additional strategies with her doctor’s guidance. Exploring GLP-1 medications that suppress appetite, she chose to take Mounjaro, a diabetes drug that aids weight loss. The drug, now marketed as Zepbound, enabled Grunch to lose an additional 30 pounds between March and September 2023. Notably, Mounjaro changed her relationship with food by reducing her cravings and altering her taste perception.


Maintaining Weight Loss and Mindset

Having achieved significant weight loss and improved health, Grunch now focuses on maintaining her weight without medication. However, she recognizes the potential for weight regain and understands that continuing with a maintenance dose of Mounjaro may be necessary. Grunch emphasizes that weight loss is a psychological journey as much as a physical one, highlighting the need for self-acceptance and body positivity.



Dr. Betsy Grunch’s experience of sustainable weight loss showcases the importance of nutrition education, mindset, and finding a long-term approach to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Her journey serves as inspiration for those struggling with weight loss, demonstrating the potential for transformation when incorporating holistic strategies and adopting a positive mindset.


Source: A doctor lost 50 pounds and has kept it off for years after ditching fad diets. She eats high-protein food and does intermittent fasting.

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