The Best Travel Agencies in Hungary for Business and Leisure

When visiting Hungary, whether for business or leisure, you’re in for a treat! This landlocked country in Central Europe offers a range of attractions, from mineral-rich thermal springs to a vibrant art scene complimented by sweet dessert wines. Not only is Hungary a beautiful destination, but it also offers a business-friendly environment with efficient administrative processes, competitive tax rates, and a stable economy.

If you’re looking for assistance with your trip to Hungary, these travel agencies are the best options. We’ve categorized them based on their ability to cater to either business or leisure travelers.

Best Online Travel Agency for Business Travel

  1. TravelPerk: The best all-around corporate travel agent in Hungary. Their user-friendly online booking tool makes business travel a breeze, with flexible bookings, carbon footprint offsetting options, and extensive travel services. TravelPerk also offers comprehensive corporate travel management tools that help streamline booking, manage itineraries, and generate reports. They ensure stress-free travel at affordable rates.


Best Travel Agencies for Leisure Travel

When it comes to leisure travel, safety, convenience, and reliability are key factors. Let these travel agencies in Hungary help you plan memorable group tours, family vacations, and city tours:

  1. Ibusz: The oldest and most trusted travel agency in Hungary, offering all-inclusive vacations and wellness trips. Their extensive network of reliable vendors and 120 years of experience make them experts in planning holidays to Lake Balaton, World Heritage Sites, and beyond. Ibusz specializes in custom travel plans and destination services.
  2. Dive Hard Tours: Founded in 2005, Dive Hard Tours is a premier Hungarian tour company offering custom holiday programs and discounted air travel to destinations worldwide. Their unique approach involves visiting destinations before selling trip packages, providing practical advice, local insights, and competitive prices. From sightseeing to adrenaline-filled sports trips, Dive Hard Tours has something for everyone.
  3. Kartago Tours: A top tour operator offering satisfying and unforgettable travel experiences at home and abroad. With a wide circle of partners, they provide a selection of destinations and hotels in Hungary, as well as winter holidays in Austria and summer visits to France and Greece. Kartago Tours is known for their flexible tour packages, last-minute discounts, and custom tour options.
  4. Hurra Nyaralunk: This Budapest-based tour operator specializes in tailor-made retreats, personalized vacation plans, and sightseeing and cruise trips to various destinations. They offer expert local tour guides, discounts on air tickets, custom trip planning, and redeemable travel vouchers. Hurra Nyaralunk is a great choice for last-minute city tours, sightseeing trips, and cruises at attractive prices.

These travel agencies provide exceptional trip planning services and on-the-go support in Hungary. Whether you’re experiencing the beautiful architecture of Szeged, exploring vibrant Budapest, or indulging in the wine and history of Eger, these agencies will help you plan an unforgettable trip. If you’re traveling for business, TravelPerk is the top choice with its user-friendly app, 24/7 support, flexible booking options, and extensive travel services.

Make your travel simpler today and choose the right agency that suits your needs!


Source: The 5 best online travel agencies in Hungary

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