Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta may not be the absolute favorite Mexican destination, but it cannot be denied that this seaside town has some incredibly delicious vegan cuisine. As travel enthusiasts who plan their adventures around good food and animal encounters, PV has not disappointed us so far! We have discovered that Puerto Vallarta offers a variety of incredible vegetarian dining options, from small local spots with fresh and flavorful dishes to upscale vegan fare that draws inspiration from around the globe. Despite its flaws, Puerto Vallarta has emerged as a surprising vegan dining destination that fuels our quest for ethical eats across the world. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best vegetarian restaurants in Puerto Vallarta that are persuading us to give the city another chance.

  1. VEGGIE TABLE: Veggie Table is a new vegan restaurant located in central Puerto Vallarta near the boardwalk. They serve a variety of dishes including giant burritos, burgers, curries, dumplings, sandwiches, and tacos. The tacos at Veggie Table exceeded all expectations, bursting with incredible flavors. The restaurant also offers a range of plant-based products to go for those who want to continue enjoying vegan eats even after leaving the restaurant.
  2. PLANETA VEGETARIANO: Planeta Vegetariano is a charming spot located close to the boardwalk and Our Lady of Guadalupe church. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffet-style with daily changing dishes. Most of the food is vegan, and the staff is friendly and helpful in guiding vegan diners to suitable options. The variety of flavors and cuisines at Planeta Vegetariano makes it a favorite choice for vegan travelers.
  3. RESTAURANT VEGETARIANO MARY: Although a bit difficult to find, Vegetariano Mary is worth the effort for their inexpensive and tasty vegan breakfast buffet. Located in Hotel Paloma Del Mar, this restaurant serves up delicious vegan pancakes, tofu scramble, frijoles, tortillas, and salsa, among other breakfast items.
  4. 100% NATURAL: While not a vegan restaurant, 100% Natural offers a separate vegan menu and serves fresh and flavorful dishes. The vegan options include ceviche, soft tacos, guacamole, and chips. It is located across the street from the Sheraton bougainvilleas hotel on the hotel strip.
  5. COMIDA TAIWANESA: Comida Taiwanesa, a small Chinese restaurant, may be a bit difficult to find but offers a delicious vegan buffet with items charged by weight. The menu includes dishes such as fried rice, chow mein, mock fish fillets, and soy meat. To find this hidden gem, take a taxi or hop on a local bus heading to Walmart and get off before the plaza.

With these vegan options and more, Puerto Vallarta is a great destination for plant-based foodies. Enjoy exploring the vegetarian culinary scene in this seaside town!


Source: These Vegetarian Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta Shocked Us

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