Ukraine's Winter Goal: Disrupting Russian Troops to Maintain Advantage

Ukraine’s Winter Goal: Disrupting Russian Troops to Maintain Advantage

Ukraine Aims to Disrupt Russian Troops Over Winter Months

The main goal for Ukraine’s military over the winter months will be disrupting Russia’s military logistics so much that its troops are left with no will to fight.

Volodymyr Fitio, a spokesperson for Ukraine’s Ground Forces Command, said on television the aim was to make Russian forces in Ukraine as uncomfortable as possible. Their main task will be to disrupt Russia’s logistics in order to make the troops hungry, cold, and have no desire to fight. Fitio stated, “the enemy should expect surprises from the sky” as a result.


Using Winter to Ukraine’s Advantage

Even though winter slows down conflicts due to weather conditions, Ukraine is determined to use this period to its advantage. Last winter, Ukraine was unable to achieve any major breakthroughs as Russia’s invasion was met with resistance. However, by disrupting Russia’s logistics this winter, Ukraine hopes to maximize Russian losses and gain an advantage.

Russian troops can be left outside, exposed to harsh weather conditions, which can significantly hinder their morale and performance. Ukraine plans to strategically target and degrade Russian logistics through precise strikes. Winter is seen as an opportunity for Ukraine to maintain pressure on the Russian forces and increase the chances of reclaiming territory.


The Risks for Ukraine

However, there are also risks involved. If Ukraine fails to sustain pressure on the Russian forces during winter, there is a possibility that the defense lines expand, making it more challenging to regain control. The focus for Ukraine will be to stay proactive and continue challenging the Russian line of defense during this season, ensuring that Ukraine’s advantage is maintained and any gains made are not reversed.


Source: Ukraine wants Russian soldiers to be ‘hungry, cold and have no desire to fight’ by disrupting its logistics this winter

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